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    About us

    Medical center “Sante” is a modern clinical and diagnostic center in Minsk, providing a wide range of medical services to the population. The work of the center is based on two principles: high requirements for the qualification of our specialists and respectful attitude to each patient.

    The medical center “Sante” offers its services in the following directions:

    • Urology (including pediatric urologist)
    • Gynecology (including intimate plastic surgery)
    • Otolaryngology
    • Ultrasound diagnostics
    • Therapy
    • Gastroenterology
    • Rheumatology
    • Pediatrics (including pediatrician-allergist)
    • Dentistry: therapy, bleaching, orthodontics, orthopedics, implantation, restoration, maxillofacial surgery
    • Proctology (including laser surgical treatment)
    • Surgery (including laser and radio wave surgery)
    • Phlebology (vascular surgery, endovenous laser ablation, sclerotherapy)
    • Plastic surgery (mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, face lifting, etc.)
    • Cosmetology
    • Surgery
    • Autostimulation of the regenerative processes of the skin and joints (plasma therapy)
    • Neurology
    • Cardiology
    • Mammalogy
    • Hematology
    • Psychotherapy
    • Endocrinology
    • Dermatology
    • Laboratory researches


    The medical center “Sante” is equipped with laser systems MEDIOLA COMPACT and CERALAS (Biolitec AG), which allow to perform various operations in gynecology, urology, proctology, otorhinolaryngology, etc. The “Surgitron” device is used in radio wave surgery. The diagnostic department is equipped with the ultrasound device PHILIPS-IU22 and a modern tele-endoscope.

    Our specialists:

    Qualified doctors, professors, candidates and Doctors of Medical Sciences, doctors of the highest category, with many years of experience practice in the medical center “Sante”. The work of the center's specialists is aimed at research and implementation of new technologies and methods of treatment, selection of individual treatment regimens.

    Our advantages:

    • Convenient work schedule: 8.00 - 21.00 (Sat - until 18.00, Sun - until 16.00)
    • Own clinical diagnostic laboratory
    • Comfortable wards
    • Modern operating room

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.


    Allergist, Andrologist, Gastroenterologist, Hematologist, Gynecologist, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Cosmetologist, Mammologist, Neurologist, Otolaryngologist, Pediatrician, Plastic surgeon, Proctologist, Psychotherapist, Rheumatologist, Dentist, Therapist, Urologist, Phlebologist, Surgeon, Endocrinologist
    Dental services
    Dentistry, Dental hygiene and prevention, Dental implantation, Orthodontics, Dental prosthetics, X-ray of teeth, Surgical dentistry, Orthodontic brackets, Panoramic pictures of teeth, Teeth restoration, Teeth extraction, Removal of tartar, Sedation, Installation of veneers, Ultrasonic teeth cleaning, Gum treatment


    medical center «SANTE»
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    Many thanks to the beautician Murga V.S. She is awesome girl and a qualified specialist. The result of her work exceeded... my expectations, there were no swelling or bruises. She advised me required preparation to achieve the desired result, and the result is obvious. Many thanks for your work and golden hands.
    I applied to the center with eczema. They had helped to select inexpensive drugs, which, unlike previous ones, had an ef...fect, and the redness and itching had almost gone. I recommend.
    Many thanks to the plastic surgeon Kurek Maria Fedorovna! I got a quick and clear consultation, a new view at my problem... and its solution. I had turned to other plastic surgeons in Minsk, but they did not answer my questions. Maria Fedorovna has a clear vision, artistic taste, her hands are like the hands of a masterly musician. When I felt a confident touch of her hands, I understood that everything would be fine !!!
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